Young Man Walks 10 Miles in Snow for Job Interview

An INSPIRING story of a young man who sets out on a 10 mile hike in the snow and cold for a job interview – and gets hired by the man who gives him a lift – who is so touched by his fortitude, old-fashioned values and pluck!

18 year old Jhaqueil Reagan set out on a 10 mile hike across Indianapolis in the cold and snow, for a job interview at a Dairy Queen.

Art Bouvier, a local restaurant owner to whom he had asked directions, saw him trudging on the side of the road, and offered him a lift.

Along the way, Jhaqueil explained that he was going to a job interview at a local Dairy Queen, that he dropped out of school to support his brothers and sisters after his mother died two years ago, and didn’t have money for bus fare.

Hearing his story, and touched by his old-fashioned values and fortitude — Art hires him for his restaurant, Papa Roux.

The story of the young man and the restaurant owner has gone viral on Facebook – and now been covered by international news!

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