Come Softly To Me – The Fleetwoods

“Come Softly To Me” is a popular song recorded by the American vocal group The Fleetwoods. It was released in 1959 and became a significant hit, reaching number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The song was written by Gary Troxel, Gretchen Christopher, and Barbara Ellis, who were members of the group.

“Come Softly To Me” is a classic doo-wop ballad that showcases the smooth harmonies and romantic themes that were characteristic of the era. The song features three-part vocal harmonies, with Troxel and Christopher sharing lead vocals and Ellis providing background vocals. The arrangement is simple yet effective, primarily relying on the vocal performances accompanied by a soft guitar and light percussion.

The lyrics of “Come Softly To Me” speak of longing and desire for a loved one to be near. The song expresses a tender and heartfelt plea for the subject of the song to come closer and share their love. The gentle and melodic nature of the song, combined with the heartfelt vocals, evokes a sense of innocence and romance.

The Fleetwoods’ recording of “Come Softly To Me” propelled them to stardom and remains their signature song. The group continued to release several more successful singles, including “Mr. Blue” and “Tragedy,” but none matched the success of their debut hit.

Over the years, “Come Softly To Me” has become a timeless classic, and its popularity has endured. It has been covered by various artists and featured in numerous films, television shows, and commercials. The song’s nostalgic charm and romantic sentiment continue to resonate with audiences, making it a beloved piece of music from the doo-wop era.

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