This I Swear – The Skyliners

“This I Swear” is a popular song recorded by the American doo-wop group The Skyliners. The Skyliners were a vocal group formed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in 1958. The group consisted of Jimmy Beaumont (lead vocals), Wally Lester (tenor vocals), Joe Verscharen (baritone vocals), Jack Taylor (bass vocals), and Janet Vogel (soprano vocals).

Released in 1959, “This I Swear” became one of The Skyliners’ most well-known and successful songs. It was their debut single and their biggest hit, reaching number 26 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The song’s popularity was driven by its heartfelt lyrics and the group’s smooth vocal harmonies.

“This I Swear” is a romantic ballad that expresses a promise of eternal love and devotion. Jimmy Beaumont’s lead vocals are accompanied by the harmonious backing vocals of the group, particularly Janet Vogel, whose soprano voice added a distinctive touch to their sound.

The song was written by Joseph Rock and James Beaumont (Jimmy Beaumont’s real name), along with the group’s manager Joe Rock. The heartfelt lyrics and beautiful melody struck a chord with listeners, making it a favorite for slow dances at parties and proms.

Despite the success of “This I Swear,” The Skyliners struggled to replicate its chart performance with subsequent releases. They released several other singles, including “Since I Don’t Have You,” which also became a popular doo-wop classic, but none achieved the same level of commercial success as their debut.

Over the years, “This I Swear” has endured as one of the iconic songs of the doo-wop genre and remains a beloved track among fans of the era. Its timeless appeal has led to its inclusion in various compilations and oldies radio playlists.

The Skyliners continued to perform and record sporadically over the years, with changes in the lineup due to members leaving or passing away. Jimmy Beaumont, the lead singer and one of the founding members, remained the driving force behind the group until his death in 2017. Despite the challenges they faced, The Skyliners left a lasting impact on the doo-wop genre, and their music continues to be cherished by fans of classic vocal harmony.

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