I Thought I Knew

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I thought I knew what beauty was.
The soft perfection of a rose,
Petals of silk, kissed by the early dew.
The warmth of the morning sun,

The gentle shades of pink and blue.
A tender kiss to start the day.

I thought I Knew what happiness was.
The sound of a child’s laughter,
At a butterfly floating by.
A wish you make on a falling star.
As it shoots across the midnight sky.

I thought I knew what passion was.
The red and orange of the setting sun.
A fiery passion that lights the sky,
Just as the moon begins her gentle rise.
And cools the flames with silent serenity.

I thought I knew what love was.
Then I met you.

Written & Submitted By:
© Littlefeather500

Music © Margi Harrell