Tenderly my friend –
that’s how it will be,
this relationship of ours –
between you and me.

Tenderly I will lend –
this shoulder of mine,
in case you have need of it –
it is here all the time.

Tenderly I will speak –
kind words to you for sure,
because that’s how friendships last,
and forever endure.

Tenderly I will cherish –
your words in my heart,
to listen to your pain –
from beginning to start.

Tenderly I will ask –
God’s grace from above,
to embraces us as friends –
committed to His love.

Tenderly I will seek –
the beautiful things in life,
and give them all to you –
to remove all your strife.

Tenderly I will keep –
every feeling that you share,
so you will know for certain –
I am a friend who really cares!

Written & Submitted By:
© Deacon Steve A. Politte

Music © Margi Harrell