For You
(Text Version)

May your heart always be young,
With a song that needs to be sung.
May your eyes always see,
A life that’s full and free.

May your hands always reach out,
With no hesitation or doubt.
May you always sense what’s right,
Morning, noon, and night.

May any pain you have known,
Show to others you have grown.
May you find serenity and peace,
And let your anxieties be released.

May you find goodness in your heart,
And joy and blessings you impart.
May the gifts you receive from above,
Fill you with comfort and lots of love.

May your days never be bleak,
And love is what you’ll seek.
May many angels surround you,
To protect and help you through.

So much I want for you my friend,
To help you through to the end.
Always know I am here,
To bring you joy and bring you cheer.

Written By: Chee Chee Martin